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  • Bronze Bracelet with Amethyst – Square Shape

    Bronze bracelet with 1/2 inch square shaped amethyst with multifaceted crown that peaks to a single point.  The amethyst is primarily light purple with a number of white and pink inclusions visible through the translucent surface. Four prong setting with unclasped, cuff design.

  • Bronze Bracelet with Quartz – Oblong Shape

    Bronze bracelet with one inch oblong shaped quartz crystal with multifaceted cut and ridge at top of the crown.  The translucent quartz exposes various dark inclusions within the crystal as well as the brass that sits behind it.  The bracelet’s cuff design provides for fast and easy placement and removal for most any sized wrist.  Four prong setting with unclasped, cuff design.

  • Macrame Bracelet

    Macrame bracelet featuring a flower pattern comprised of eight individual colored petals with a decorative bead at the center.  The flower is flexibly attached via macrame stitching to a matched macrame design on the bracelet.  Adjustable via slip knotted cord.