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  • Macrame Necklace with Chrysocolla/Onyx – Oval Shape

    Macrame necklace with a one inch, oval chrysocolla gemstone that is mostly cyan colored with a few streaks of other color variations ranging from light green to dark blue. Rows of macrame provide a bezel setting that extends into a sunflower pattern comprising 24 macrame petals with onyx beads.  A fixed attachment to a slip knotted cord is provided.

  • fossil-fire-opal-pendant

    Silver and Fossil Fire Opal Pendant with Chain

    This customized pendant design includes a two inch, fossil topped with a fire opal gemstone.  The fossil has a flat surface with a spiral pattern.  The light color, curved spiral edges separate light brown and dark brown regions on the surface.  The silver setting encircles the fossil expanding into a decorative pattern around the fire opal.  Total length of pendant is approximately 2.5 inches.  A 24 inch silver chain is included.

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    Silver and Shark Tooth with Fire Opal Pendant

    This customized pendant design includes a 2 1/2 inch, shark tooth and a fire opal gemstone.  The polished surface of the shark tooth is mostly an off white color.  The silver is 1 3/4 inches wide and 3/4 inches long and encases the top of the tooth as well as the fire opal at its center.  Total length is approximately 3.1 inches.  Includes a separate silver tie for adding your cord or chain.


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